What Having seen in COVID-19

The situation of the world changed completely after the trial called the corona fell on the earth.
It was at home, and it became the common sense telework, not to have thought until a short while ago.
Meanwhile, I have seen it.
①The conventional commonplace is not natural
⇒Of two of which “do not forget thanks” “Don’t be afraid of change the way” have meanings. All are important.
②When an infected person appears ⇒ that it is the same evil once though “I transmit it”, an expense remarkably suffers from “I am infected” with productivity at a fall, time, and I am troubled, and a burden makes a person sad to many people if it becomes serious. It is the duty of all people to become neither.

The corona will not probably disappear from this earth.
It may be said that it is to live to know the operation of the coexistence from now on.


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