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The past few months and the future

For the past few months I’ve been under the US lockdown. It has been a very different experience, especially since I was traveling a lot before the lockdown. It has given me time to reflect on a few things – like what is really important in life? Health, kindness and being a good person overshadows any priority I had for money.

Last weekend I participated in a BLM protest. This was in a relatively small downtown area in the center of silicon valley. A predominantly white, highly educated, highly wealthy neighborhood. I was expecting a couple of hundred people to show up and was amazed that were a few thousand gathered in this small town! Even though everyone was wearing masks, for some time we forgot about the virus. The outpouring of support for basic human rights brought me joy. It was an amalgamation of hope, kindness, grief, anger…

We need more love and kindness in the world. Covid-19 will pass. I would like to see the world a better place and I hope this site will encourage that to happen. Thank you to the creator of this site for your vision and kindness.




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