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Hello! Are you based in Antarctica ?

Your Message Matters

Post meaningful messages and share your COVID-19 experiences. To help you get an idea, there are 6 categories to choose from when creating a message.

・Businesses / Organizations (Featured)
・Lessons Learned (Featured)
・Moving Forward Together

It can be as short as one paragraph. No registration required. The authors are displayed as “myhero” (anonymous). You can include your name, contact detail, website link in contents, if you wish.

※ Businesses / Organizations (Featured) : Category for businesses and organizations to make announcements and public messages. Examples 1) “We have re-opened our business.” 2) “Our organization is collecting donation to support online distance education for children.” Please include URL of your website and/or contacts.

※ Others : Category to share your personal experiences/stories about what is helping you get through the Pandemic OR anything that would be meaningful to others. Are you doing some exercise at home to stay healthy? Have you started anything new during the Pandemic and giving you a positive impact to your life? Share it and others would appreciate it 🙂


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